Oh Comely Perfect Stranger Project: Swap 2016

This year I joined the Perfect Stranger Project, again! It was pretty last minute and amongst all the Christmas madness I found time to fit it in. I love doing Swaps. It's exciting not knowing what you will get in return, but it's also exciting wondering if they will like your parcel of goodies.

I try and stick to a theme and pick out parts of their 'about me' to help whilst shopping. I like to browse charity shops for hidden gems and the little local shops are great for trinkets. Since it's near Christmas I added a couple of festive touches, But kept it simple to that persons interests. I have tried to make a few items myself too to keep it personal and it challenges me to get creative again. I hope you enjoy seeing what I sent as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

If you are interested in joining this swap in future I would follow them on Facebook for updates.