Goodbye 2015


Hope you are well and had a wonderful night whatever you were doing. I thought I would take a look back at my year. This year in particular was a rather good one. I don't always have a year that I look back on and think' oh that was a bit of a crap one wasn't it' but you do sometimes feel like you've let yourself down by what you didn't achieve. This year feels like it was the best one out of a bad bunch.

I've had years where I have been gripped by depression. Out of work and feeling unmotivated about life. Single and lonely. Messed about. Basically what everyone will have encountered at some point. Those years are dark shadows in our memories. This is when the good years really shine and sparkle {a bit like my Hogmanay dress}.

This year I turned 30. It felt like an odd age to be considering I feel forever 18. I didn't magically turn into an 'adult' because that's just a silly idea. I feel like I am the best version of me I have ever felt though. I feel more forgiving and at peace, a higher tolerance for other humans. It's tough being an introvert because you love people but you don't always get on with loud voices and all the negativity spewed at you. And being around people all the time is not my idea of fun. However I think I learned to jump into situations a little more and stop telling myself 'you can't do this'. I found my voice and let my feelings be known when I felt it was important.

We got engaged. Yes another 'adult' thing to do. Well I knew it was coming. We had spoken about it. I knew it would be the right thing. I have never been one to dream about my wedding day. And I find the idea of being centre of attention very daunting. But being engaged is just a step in the direction of being with my best friend and celebrating it with all our family and friends. We will not set a date until we slot other parts of our life in place. Doesn't stop people asking. Are we traditional? hell no! It will be small and it will be about us!

We did quite a bit of travelling. Yes only in Britain, and we loved every trip. considering we both work full time we did very well. If you follow my blog you will have seen my photos of the wonderful things we have seen. I have developed my own method and content I look for when we are at these places and it makes me so deeply happy. Inverness was the first stop for our Birthday week. I really loved our stay there. Scotland is always a surprise even when it is your homeland. It radiates incomparable beauty. Aviemore is just breath taking. I definitely plan a wee break away up North this year. Skye maybe!

We then went to Whitby and it's surrounding area in July. We got beautiful weather and saw sooo much it took me ages to go through my thousand plus photos. Highlights were York Minster, Whitby Abbey, the scarecrow village and Staithes. Honestly it was all amazing and our hotel was just lovely. We talk about it now and again and it makes me smile. I want a holiday like that this year. Because we both take photos, we just love seeing stuff. I wonder where we will go this year.

For our last holiday of the year we ventured to Blackpool. It really brought back childhood memories and it was just so eerie seeing it so shut down for the season. But at night the town comes to life. The illuminations were fantastic and again our hotel was lovely. Like something out of The Shining. Which we loved. It's just a beautiful vast seafront town with character. I'd love to see it full of people in summer heat.

Work wise I moved into the main clothing department {incase you don't know I work in retail for a large company}. My awesome colleague had a promotion which I'm so proud of her for and I stepped into her shoes. It really has given me a boost at work I needed. The change set me right as I felt a little flat for a good year and felt stressed for no reason. The move has been positive so far. I still aspire to get myself out of retail, as if you know what it's like, you miss out on a lot of the fun times of year. And weekends. For now though I am grateful to have a full time job and be able to afford these trips away is a positive I can live for.

So in conclusion all these lovely events have led me to a good mental health year. And I rarely can say that. I'm hoping to continue this method this year and whatever comes our way we will plough through it. I am currently making lists of goals and whittling them down to a more manageable size.

Thank you for reading this longer than usual wordy post. Love and happiness to you all!