halloween Haul

If you know me you will know I love Halloween. I love everything about Autumn in fact. And therefore I own a load of Halloween stuff. However every year I always find new stuff to purchase, because I am a big kid and LOVE it. So I thought I would share a few of the Haul of things I have bought recently leading up to the day.

These wind up toys are one of my favourite finds. I got them from Sainsbury's, I collected 2 last year and these were nicely added to the collection.

Now Yankee Candles are not something I buy often. They are expensive but worth it if you find a scent you really like. But came across these Halloween themed medium jars and you know that feeling you will regret not buying something! So I bought them. And they are just so nice. The Orange one is Candy Corn scented, lovely sweet honey smell. And the one below is called Witches Brew, a sort of Patchouli scent, very warm lovely smell. These weren't cheap but I will be burning them for a matter of time over the next month and I could always store them away for next year.

I found these cute pumpkin faces that you can decorate your drinking glasses with, I thought about putting them on our windows. They are that sort of sticker that comes off easy so can be applied to many surfaces. I found these in Asda.

This is just a silly treat which looks really cool. Blooooooood.

Decorative eyes. Will be going on the nibbles table.

Found this awesome holographic image in Asda to hang on the wall. Very clever and evil looking.

I LOVE this skull. Another one from Asda. I would display this all year round to be honest.

I also added to my Washi collection with these Halloween tapes. The bottom 4 are from Japan, of whom I envy for all their cool stationary. Why can't the UK have cool stuff like this. I have become so obsessed with stationary, in particular tapes and stickers {Which I will share in another post}. So it is important to me to have a monthly fix.

I hope you enjoyed my Halloween haul. What are you guys up to this year? What are you dressing up as? 


  1. I couldn't resist those wind up toys either, I need to go back for more to be honest!


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