Comic books and Zine finds

Whilst wandering around York we sniffed out a comic book shop called Travelling Man. Literally the coolest comic book shop I've been in. I'm not an expert but it had a wide range and I found some Zines which excited me the most. We don't have a shop like this near where we live and I envy people who do. 

It's kind of become a tradition on our hols that we tend to buy books over anything else. In Inverness I bought a whack load of books. 

What caught my eye first was the Twin Peaks Zine. And also picked up 2 others by CJ Reay of Black Lodge Press. I must note that I haven't read them all yet but on first impressions I like them a lot. 

I also found these 2 Graphic Novels which I have been deliberating over for a few weeks now on Amazon. With LumberJanes I kind of wanted to see it in person to see if I'd like the layout etc. And I did! I have yet to start this one but I am currently stock piling for Autumn reads, this looks ideal!

Bee and Puppycat I was so excited to find because everywhere I tried, it said it wasn't released yet. I think I may have audibly squealed in  the shop. I read a couple of pages and despite it's girlie colours it has adult humourisms and an excellent storyline. Particularly pleasing if you like Adventure Time!

Any graphic novel suggestions welcome. I am also currently reading these 2. Both by Jillian Tamaki {Second including Mariko Tamaki}. I highly recommend these.

Super Mutant Magic Academy is witty and sinister, short scene from characters around an unusual school.

I started this on my hols. A perfect coming of age Summer holiday type read which the same witt and charm as the first book.