Wander Round Inverness

We took a wander round the town centre on the last evening. It was a bit drizzly but that doesn't stop us. On the first night we took a walk and didn't have our cameras, but it gave me a chance to scope things I wanted to take photos of.

The bridge nearest our hotel had a small collection of love locks on it. Which pleased me immensely. There was also random bits of graffiti.

I will let the photos speak for themselves...

{The castle}


{Mary with Caledonian Thistle scarf}

I loved our wander round the town. I'm really getting into the detail of a place. The little things that can pass you by from day to day.

We are heading to Whitby in Yorkshire in just over a week and I'm excited to get back into our photography. Excited to visit the city of York again.

There is one more post to come from the Inverness series, the Cairngorms!