Streets of York

On the Wednesday we headed to York. As with everywhere it was busy but I really enjoyed wandering about looking at the old buildings.

One part of old town I remember from when I was little is the Shambles. Probably the least changed part of the City. Characterised by it's jutting out walls and crooked nature. Like something out of Harry Potter, which I wouldn't have referenced when I was little, but I can imagine little kids doing so.

You still spot the odd out of place Shamble like building next to modern shops. I'd love to see a whole town of the old wooden structured walls.

We hunted out a small comic book shop called Travelling Man. We seem to sniff out book shops when we go on our Hols. I loved this place. As soon as I walked in the door I spotted a Zine section, then managed to find a couple of graphic novels I had been looking everywhere online for. It was a great find.

Look out for my York Minster Post.