On the Thursday we headed home via some beautiful scenery. Aviemore is a popular spot for all sorts of outdoor pursuits. My dad is a hill walker and also skis and bikes a bit round these parts. We were already pretty tired so we just drove up to the ski centre and had a wander about there. It was practically snowing when we stopped. Crazy what a bit of height does to temperature.

Anyway no camera can capture the beauty and vast landscape. But I tried.

This pair of sleepy ducks were so cute sat by the water.

My duck by the water.

There is a rail track that takes people up to a viewpoint at the top. We could have done this but we kind of just wanted to get home. And it was pretty cold.

My dad told me they stopped letting people use the track to get to the top to then go off walking. Instead you can stop by if you have walked up yourself. There is a separate entrance, so you can stop for a cuppa or a bit food then head out again to finish your walk. I always imagined maybe they had their own secret club room.

I loved our wee stop here. Another location ticked off the list. I loved the scenery and running to the car as the weather changed every 2 minutes. Absolutely stunning though. And lots to see even if you aren't into the activities.

We are off to Whitby in England next week and I can't wait to take lots more photos. It's been too long.