Oh Comely Storm box

I recently re-subscribed to Oh Comely magazine. I subscribed from issue one for a good year or so then I think I got bored or my interests changed. Either way I have subscribed to the magazine again and the pull was receiving a themed box of goodies with the magazine.

This month the theme was 'Storm'. It will arrive every 2 months with a different theme. If you don't want this box spoilt then don't scroll down. However if you are curious scroll ahead.

5 items including the magazine were, a notebook, necklace, bottle of glitter and a scarf. It's nice to receive treats in the post. It's my favourite thing as you know.

Oh Comely are also doing another Perfect Strangers Swap. I loved it last time. Can't wait to get my swap partner. Get involved if you love a wee challenge.