Loch Ness and Culloden

The first day up in Inverness we headed to The Loch Ness Centre. I didn't know what to expect but I sure learnt a lot about the investigations and theories.

My own opinion is that there is no Nessie but it's a rather lovely though to believe in this mysterious creature.

Of course we bought a couple of trinkets to remember our adventure. I got myself a wee Nessie of my own {I'm holding her} in the photo.

Urquhart castle sits nearby. We didn't bother paying to go see it as the view was fine from where we were.

We stopped at the canal which links Inverness with the southern point of the lochs to Fort William. And saw a boat use the lock.

These tortoises had names which I can't recall but they were so cute and had a lovely enclosure.

We visited the Culloden grounds and the visitor centre. Each brick represented each side. The Natives were definitely outnumbered. It was a weird eerie place to visit. Emotional in ways. Hard to believe there was a huge battle here.

And of course some highland coos. I do love these beasts.

Look out for more Inverness posts to come. Now I have got round to it!!!