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I haven't done one of these for a wee while. Yes, an Instagram haul.

I have kind of refined my feed. Not to be pretentious or hipster. But because I like to be consistent with colours and I think you can get carried away with sharing too much on digital media. So mainly it's purchases and makes and pretty things I love.

Yummy Washi Tape.

Brain storming of the fruit variety.

I got this cute Dinosaur dress from The White Pepper and the watches from Asda. This dress is for my birthday essentially. Colourful, fun and ready to meet the lochness monster.

Mini instax from wee day out.

Rose gold journal from Tesco <3 .="" p="">

Totoro baking. My favourite.

My favourite mug ever. Perfect size Carebears mug for the perfect cuppa tea. Seriously. Amazon!

My favourite kind of Hama.

I'm spreading some love with these origami hearts. I'm going to leave these in places. Spread the love.

Pineapple picnic bag cooler.

My M&S tin which I keep my Washi Tape in.

My second favourite mug ever. My little pony obsessive at 30! Me! Yes!

My new pressed flower journal. All the flowers I can't fit anywhere else I will keep in here.

My little donation of Hama Graffiti in Eyemouth

Sorting through some of last years pressed flowers ready for framing.

I painted a watermelon tote bag.

collecting a rainbow of sketchbooks.

Finishing a journal for the first time.

And lastly a origami heart.

I love recapping my instagram sometimes. Especially for the colour. If you want to follow me search for Loobyroux!!


  1. Everything is so fun and bright, I love it!

    1. Thank you lovely. I try to keep colour in my life as much as possible :) x


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