Eyemouth 2

Eyemouth is a lovely wee coastal town just North of the border of England. There is a caravan site nearby so there is always some sort of family hub wandering around. And it has one of those quaint high street with butchers and local shops. I love coming here at least once a year. The East Coast of Southern Scotland is awesome.

The OH bracing in the North sea winds.

This guy is made of nightmares.

I left some Hama graffiti behind on this lampost. My first time doing so. I can't wait to try some more.

I wanted this dog so much.

Very old boat.

If i panned my camera to the left a bit you would see loads of seagulls. This rescue boat reminds me off the boat in Captain Phillips.

I've been really busy at work, and haven't had much time to or energy to put any new post together, including this one. However we are away to Inverness next week so I am looking forward to getting a bucket load of photos ready. And it is my 30th birthday soon too. So i hope to get a wee sentimental post together. Happy times.