Thornielee Sunday Wander

We woke up on Sunday with an urge to go for a good old walk. I had never been for a walk in Thornielee Forest which is about 10 or so minute drive from our front door. It was a lovely sunny day. A bit of a chilly wind but nothing a good uphill stride wouldn't shake off.

We came across this tree with ribbons and knitting and plastic tied to it. Not sure why it's there on a random hill but it was nice to watch in the wind.

We came across some frog spawn. I haven't seen any since I was little. It looks like slime through the camera lens but I assure you it is more defined to the naked eye.

More reflection photos. I love the ripple effects on the water.

I managed to collect some more wild flowers to press this year. Blossom is finally here. Takes a bit longer to reach us up here in Scotland. I need to grab some pink blossom though.


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