St Mary's Loch

It has been glorious the last couple of weeks, and it was typical that I was working for most of it. Until one day I got lucky. And I managed to coax the OH into leaving work a bit earlier and enjoying the day.

We live pretty much 10 minutes from countryside, and sometimes you don't appreciate it. But mostly I really do. I love where I live and would choose the quiet over a busy city anyday. I never used to be like this. I kind of developed an anxiety to crowded places and when it hit's you it really hits you.

Nothing quite beats it like the smell of fresh spring air and the chirping of birds everywhere.

I've kind of got a bit addicted to mirrored reflection photos.

This is the boat club next to the loch. It is lined with caravans of which I am assuming is the accommodation when there are competitions. And there is a lively looking clubhouse with 70s decor inside. I can just imagine the place buzzing with people. I miss places like this. Like old school campsites when I was younger.

Places like this are so quaint and cute. And the landscape is breath taking on a clear day like this day.

After the Loch, we ventured to Megget reservoir on our way home.

I love wee trips like this. Clears the mind and blows away the cobwebs of work. I'm always happy when we manage to grab some camera time too. And I love sharing them with you guys.