Spring is here!!

At the weekend we decided to go for a wee tour of our local area to catch some sunlight and fresh air after being inside all week at work.

We stopped at Leaderfoot bridge. This is the old railway viaduct, which is a fancy word for a bridge like this. We were stood on the old road bridge, which is disused by traffic now {Apart from bikes}, with the whooshing of traffic on the modern bridge behind us to take some snaps.

We crossed the bridge and took a walk in the wee woods next to the river. The trees here are huge and pleasing to look at.

I brought along my mini instax. I love using this outside. It creates some lovely exposures. I also love watching them develop, which was what these were in the process of doing.

I found lots of creeping Ivy wrapping around tree trunks, which made me happy for some reason.

We wandered up a country road and across a field, to the old railway line to look out over the viaduct. I kind of wish you could walk along it, even though I hate high bridges. But I guess it's too much of a risk. The view would be immense though.

The sky was a beautiful blue, although it was freezing out of the sunshine.

We ventured up Scots View for a spot of lunch, I couldn't get any good photos because the sun was shining directly at us. Here's a photo in my absence

This here is William Wallace. The statue is just outside of my hometown. I hadn't been here since I was a child so it was really nice to take the OH to see it for the first time.

He stands so tall it's hard to get a good photo but he magnificent.