Hello Sunshine

{Hello Sunshine cushion from Tesco}

It's been quiet round here. It's still COLD and DARK so venturing out is either a shock to the system or depressing. 

Despite this there are signs of Spring. More blue skies and snow drops are appearing. These sort of things make me feel more in the mood for when it does eventually become a good few degrees warmer. 

Recently I have been getting that Spring nesting urge. That feeling when you see bright coloured cushions for instance. ^^Ahem^^. It's like a body clock thing, that's my excuse anyway. 

Here are a few items I have found recently for the home to bring in the new season. 

We recently got a replacement cooker thanks to our landlord {the other one blew up, kinda, it made a few heavy noises and smoked a little then that was that}. And because our last one was from the 80s and had its own splash guard I really wanted something to go on the wall behind it without damaging it and spending too much money. 

Et Voila, this lovely tea towel from Jessica Hogarth on Etsy came to my rescue. I love building drawings like this. It was around £10 including post. Love it. 

Now, I've have become a bit addicted to collecting candles. Like I will sniff all of them, even if I don't intend in buying one, I always end up popping one in my basket. These are also from Tesco. It smells fresh and sweet.

I intend to stow these away until it gets warmer, and I'm dancing about in the kitchen in my barefeet *sigh* {I'm sick of socks, or feet prisons as I fondly refer to them as!!}

This frame I found in Home Bargains for under £2. I have fallen in and out of love with owls. I go through phases, as some of you might know, of obsessing over certain animals or fruits or colours. 

I've become quite fussy about how I want the animal of choice to come across, and right now my owl image is this simple shaped frame. No fussy details. How cute is it though. Thinking who to put in it. Maybe me with my best chums!

These are plant related items. I know the bowl looks like I'd keep fish. I wanted to change up how I keep my plants. Most of mine are succulents so they are easy to keep in receptacle without much drainage. I want to make a wee terrarium in the bowl {Which is another tesco steal at £4, and its a good size}. 

The wooden boxes I found on Etsy. I need to treat them with varnish first then I will fill them with some cute plants. I really want to go plant shopping soon and get some new species. I know what plants I can keep alive now. NO MORE VENUS FLY TRAPS!!

I will do a wee post on my repotting afternoon. I love repotting plants. It's a strange kind of therapy. 

I hope you enjoyed this wee interlude post. I hope to get back into the swing of things after the lull of winter.