Happy Plants

Last week I felt a strong urge of Spring in the air. The weather still disagrees, however the signs are there.

My plants were in desperate need of repotting, and I put aside an afternoon to do exactly that.

I mainly keep Succulents because I am a renowned plant killer. And succulents are low maintenance and require little attention.

My ultimate aim is to keep these healthy and breed them so my plant family will expand and I can gift them and make cute terrariums.

My Spider Plant is going to have babies soon. I'm excited to grow them.

I have a love hate relationship with Cacti. I love them but I'm also scared to handle them. Even with those gloves on they prick you. Little spiky beautiful buggers.

I love my plants. I urge anyone to grow them. They are therapeutic and clean the air. And are pretty little things aren't they. You can also get really creative with them. {Which I will share my own ideas during the Summer}.

If you are interested in keeping succulents. Do a wee bit reading {google is great} and pick ones that suit you.