Wintry Wander

At the end of January myself and the OH ventured out for a wee wander on a fricking baltic Saturday afternoon. Yes we really needed fresh air that badly. And managed to catch some winter sun. Which can the best kind! {Can you spot the moon?}

We came here last summer when it was piping hot so it was only fair to see it in another extreme seasonal weather.

Obligatory photos of the OH. We are an all weather couple (of nutters).

The pond was very pretty. There was ice creeping around the edge of the water but next to it I could see the green of lily pads starting to appears.

This moss made me really happy. Go nature!!!

I spotted this colourful little fella hidden on a notice board, blawing aboot in the wind a bit too.

As we were ready to drive back to town I spotted these beautiful Belted Galloway (I looked it up) Cattle. So cute and so fuzzy in their winter coats, I jumped out the car and ran along the road against a very strong wind and took a couple of snaps. I felt it was my favourite part. I love living in a part of the country where I can drive for 5 minutes and come across a farm animal!

Now some obligatory photos of me taking, the above, photos.

I'm really looking forward to spring now. I have the urge for Roadtrips more than ever now. I miss beaches and discovering new old places in my home country. Sometimes it's just too cold to be standing outside trying to take photos with frost bitten hands and numb feet!!