Curiosity Swap numero dos

So last week I received my second Curiosity Project box. And it was an extra special surprise to find that it was from my Best Friend, who usually resides in my town but is currently in Dundee.

I love getting swaps from my bestie, she is really good at crafting and I get excited to see what she is up to. You should follow her page on Facebook Nutmeg & Cece.

Firstly, we have both caught the Origami bug and I knew she had started making bows and I love this garland. The yellow goes with my kitchen, so it is currently hanging in my kitchen window.

A lovely motivational quote from "Jungle Book" I believe. One for my inspiration wall.

This sloth is theeeeee cutest thing in the world, I am going to pop in on my wall aswell.

I heart stickers in general but these are the cutest I've seen in a while. Will be using these on letters.

I'm addicted to making these Origami hearts and I love the paper used in this one. Also a bit of hama in this cute wee badge, my other addiction.

I love this necklace and cute little bracelet. Deep reds are my thing right now, will be a staple in my wardrobe choices. Got the story yet?

Pencil toppers. I remember these from school. These gorillas are adorable. And a wee speech bubble to say anything I want!

I forgot to photograph the elephant postcard on its own. It is a fold-able animal.

The story is clearly Jungle and it is brilliant. I love the colours and the different elements in it that tie up the story. Love love love. And whats more it's from a dear friend.

This project holds so many surprises and I will be doing another box soon.