Curiosity Box Swap

It only seems like yesterday I was wrapping and packing up my last swap. But I think I may be addicted now. It's just so much fun. I like collecting and making these things for other people.

This one is called the Curiosity Project. I have heard about it before through a friend and this time I was ready for it. It's nerve racking putting together a box of tokens for a stranger. You kind of have to forget about that and just let it be. To receive anything through the post is a pure joy nowadays.

The aim of this project is to put together a wee story within a box of your choosing and a story of your own desire. No information is given of the person you are sending it to. Just the address and name.

As you can probably see mine is based on nature, the woods. I call it 'Let's be adventurers'. Because I love the woods and the idea of all these creatures living there and popping out to see you as you take a walk.

First I dressed up my box with brown paper and a map of a National park in America.

My idea started when I received this necklace in the post from Ladybird Likes in one of her lucky dips. It was the perfect starting point. Of course bears live in America so it meant basing my woods in that continent. But the idea translates anywhere.

My second item was this cute squirrel. I found this lovely wee fella in a charity shop and the ball was rolling

I had bought this Hedgehog for another swap so it was waiting in my treasure box for something like this.

I couldn't do a woodland theme without a wonderful red mushroom. I love these guys.

Now to my favourite part. Wrapping. I always have way to much fun wrapping my swaps. This time I wanted to make it an actual story, based on every item I added to the swap.

Follow the path...

I started this on Saturday (17/01.15) and finished it by the Tuesday (20/01/15). I was lucky enough to be on a week off from my day job and be in a little peak of creativity. Most of the time it would take me a week or more to put something together like this. I really like how this one has turned out. I think I stayed true to my initial idea.

I made the bear face using origami paper I got from my bestie for Christmas.

I am also adding a few odd bits I didn't wrap in the story and writing a letter with it. I hope this maybe inspires anyone wanting to have a try at a swap. It doesn't break the bank, and it makes you really think about someone else.