Seasonal Scents

I love the smells of winter. I think they are just as important as the look you achieve at this time of year. I love warm scents. Cinnamon, spices. These are a couple of candles i picked up this year.

Firstly the candle above by Price's is one I got for Halloween because it is Pumpkin Spiced flavour. It smells absolutely amazing. I found this in the supermarket, but if you look online you will find them.

I also love the Yankee Candle Frosted Cinnamon flavour. I'm not a big fan of Yankee just because they are so expensive but this one really caught my nose. I will be burning this on Christmas morning.

The classic Glade Apple and Cinnamon. Warm and friendly. I love this for a during the day festive reminder.

I came across this one in a local bargain shop. I wish I had bought more coz it smells exactly as if you had a slice of carrot cake held up to you nose. I could literally eat this one.

I just LOVE Christmas candles. And no home is complete without a wintry scent burning at least once during December. What are your favourite scents.