Oh Comely Perfect Strangers Swap

This month I entered the Oh Comely Magazine Winter swap called The Perfect Strangers Swap.

What you do is enter your details and a little about yourself, your likes and so on onto their site. And wait for your partners details to come through. You swap with the same person who has your details so it's like a proper wee partnership.

You can send anything. I decided to try find an item for each of her likes. And also pop in something for her bunnies. It can amount to any size aslong as you can post it.

My swap buddy was just amazing. We both have bunnies. She loves neon pink and monochrome, which I kinda love. She has an affinity for Velvet. And she has her own business. Which I didn't know was creative until she sent me her swap box.

So finally I received my swapbox one Saturday morning, which was especially nice. I made myself a cuppa and sat down and carefully opened this cute little cube. Inside was one of her amazing origami diamonds. A notebook. Vintage book bunting. a seashell {I love the sea}. herbal tea and some velvet pencils. It was beautifully wrapped. And her handwriting is so pretty.

She received my swap box on the Monday and this is the photo she took. It was only then that we realised how good a buddy up we were.

I really really enjoyed this swap experience. I think they are running one in the Summer which I will probably get involved in.

I can see myself keeping in touch with my swap buddy. Even just the odd postcard. I have already ordered myself some more of her diamonds for Christmas presents and to hang as decorations in the lovely Rose Gold. {From Origami-est} I suggest you check her out.

On another note. apologies for the lack of blogging. Life gets in the way. I work full time at undefined hours so keeping up a million hobbies {which i feel like I have} is hard. I have been making a lot of pom pom rugs and weaving.  So I am happy in my soul. Just too busy for good blogging content. I will endeavour to remedy this in the new year, with some show and tell type posts.

Be good to each other and most importantly yourself.