Happy Post

Last week I discovered the lovely Ladybird Likes on Instagram. She announced she would be offering a sort of lucky dip of her Christmas stock, in her Etsy shop. I happened to be online when she listed them so I instantly bought one. 

I was so excited to open it up. And it had all these little treats inside. 

I saw these cards in her shop and did not expect to get them in my parcel. I love them. So rude but also cute.

I love this elf garland, it goes with our simple silver theme this year. Will be hanging this in my hallway {you can buy this in her shop here}

I absolutely LOVE this decoration. Definitely appropriate here at the moment as it is forecast to snow tomorrow!! {I think she is selling these by request, not on Etsy}

There is a theme going on here. I love the film Elf so I don't mind all of this Elfness. This is such a lovely wee necklace, one to wear to work I think.

Finally this cute Elf Brooch, which I think I might wear to a Christmas meal we are going to with the inlaws.

This weekend has been Small Business Weekend. And I am glad to support other creative people. You can find some of the best unique items through these shops. This Christmas I have focused on making things and spending as little as possible on 'mainstream' products. There are a few small businesses in my town which I will be visiting in the next few weeks for gifts, and it feels good supporting them.

Another Happy post I received this week was from my Swap buddy also known as Origami_est . I ordered the Large Rose Gold Diamond and a small one too. They are going to hang in my kitchen window, which I dress up all Christmassy every year.

Go check these lovely ladies out for something different this Christmas.