Top 5 Autumn films.

I have recently been thinking about Autumn and in particular things that make you feel for the season. So I thought I would do a list of my top Autumn films.

I love films which have that cozy Autumn feel and glow to it. Leaves, big jackets, scarves, moody lighting. An overall Snuggle fest. Anything where it's cold and someones wearing a ridiculous jumper!

You've got mail.

I was late to this party but I really love Sleepless in Seattle which kind of follows a similar plot. I without a doubt look to this film to comfort me as Autumn Approaches. It reminds you about the little things that make you smile.

Home for the Holidays.

I was only introduced to this film last year. It's reeks of the dysfunctional family that you witness and somehow you are comforted by their exploits. It has heart and will have you cringing and laughing within seconds,and also a Robery Downey Jr. Need I say more.

While You Were Sleeping

I love this film so much. The 90s was a great era for these feel good, cheesy love stories with mad twists and they carried them off so well without overacting or glossy women and super hunky men. These were proper women and these were proper men.

Uncle buck.

Another classic. John Candy was my childhood just about alongside Macaulay Culkin who was in a lot of films {As you will see bellow also}. This is just a happy go lucky type giggle with the kids type film.  John Candy plays a kind of grotesque Uncle Buck, jobless, kidless, wifeless... well you can guess what happens but why not watch it instead.

Home alone

This is the ultimate classic of all classic autumn-winter time films. I would highly rate this as a Christmas film. However it also belongs in the 'anytime-of-the-year' slot too coz everyone my ages knows what you mean when you slap you hands on your cheeks and scream "aaaaaaargh" for good reason. CLASSIC.

I hope you give at least one of these films a go. I'm a total sucker for 90s films. I will have already watched all of them by the time this post goes out.