The Journey Home

The morning after the wedding we went for our breakfast then a final wander around the harbour. We were both a little tired and rough. But when you are somewhere so beautiful you put that aside. Although it made me wrap up more against the chill factor.

It was Sunday and many folk were out on their boats. Some of them waved too. I don't like small boats much but I enjoy watching other people enjoying them.

Our hotel is the small blue building on the Right. The harbour looks so empty from this angle. And without water.

Then we stopped off at Inveraray. It was quite busy for a sunday. Lots of tourists {Like us}. It was a rather nice place. We started to see the larger hills that were just shadows on the way to Tarbert. So of course we had a good old wander. And bring back some beach treasure. {On a side note this location had some interesting beach glass and yellow shells}

This has to be one of the best located war memorials. Look at the view behind it! And the beautiful colours of the flowers.

We headed towards Loch Lomond and the scenery just sprouted a whole lot more. I don't think the other half has ever been through Munro country but we might have passed a couple on the way back. I have personally been up Ben Lomond. It is breath taking.

Of course I had to bring back some treasure.

It took me forever to get over this trip. I love short stays in hotels in places this interesting and beautiful. I hope we can go back to this part of the country for a weekend, because it's refreshing and great fun. You come back feeling a little bit more yourself. Go visit Scotland!!