On Wednesdays We Wear Black

Just in time for the Premier Episode of the new Season of American Horror Story, I thought I would dedicate a post to converting a few of you to the ways of this show. Because I just love it!

I came across AHS after it was recommended to me by a colleague of my OH. I had no idea what the show was about. I think initially I thought it would be like a documentary of murders that happened in America. Oh how wrong was I.

There are a few things you need to know to understand how the seasons work with each other. Each season has a new setting and theme. Also in each season there is a carry over of cast. With a couple not appearing again and a few additions. You also pick up a trait in the carry over characters which leads them into each season. It's kind of like a reincarnation because each season is from a different era.

I promise NO SPOILERS in this post.

So Season one is the Haunted House. The plot slowly unfolds with a few of the episodes revealing what makes the house so haunted. The crude scenarios and characters make this show what it is. This season involves a lot of flashbacks and depth of character. It comes at you with a punch whilst introducing this brilliant idea of storytelling with a Sixth Sense vibe.

My favourite characters are played by Jessica Lange, Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson. The concept of adding and subtracting actors to characters keep this series fresh, but you all begin to expect what kind of character each actor will portray. As I say kind of like a Reincarnation.

Season two is the Asylum. I took a while to get into this one because it starts of a lot darker than the first season. But once you're in you are in! There are two characters that you really follow into the madness. One called Lana {like me, plus look out for the Lana Banana song}, the other an average guy, wrongly accused. The Asylum is run by nuns {headed by Lange} and is pretty much a depiction of all those visions you have of old Asylums. Dark, grotty and pure evil.

Season three is the Coven. I wasn't sure about this one. At the off it doesn't look as dark as the last season. However the storyline touches on some issues which are hard to stomach at times but at the same time you are rooting for the torture of those who inflicted the initial pain. Kathy Bates joined ranks in this season, in a role you don't normally see her in but she is a total asset to this show {And I know she is in the Freakshow Season}. This Season makes me want to become a Witch put it that way.

The next season starts on the 8th of October in the US. So I can't tell you much about it yet. However it looks amazing. I am already looking forward to the next season. That's how much I like this show. It just delivers everytime. It delves into the dark soul and gives it a tickle.

If there is one show to get you into the Halloween spirit this show will lead you there nicely. The boxset is out on the 20th of October {Which I am investing in} and if you have Netflix the first 2 Seasons are on there. Happy viewing!