Oldies are the Besties

I actually don't now where to start. That morning I was extremely nervous. I hadn't seen my Friend for about 7 years. We had wrote letters and kept in touch through social media. I had spoken to her hubby on the phone but never met him. This was a big day.

I and She had met at high school, in First Year 17 years ago. We were in different class groups and my older friends were friends with her. I remember her clear as day. Big milk bottle glasses, curly hair, smiley face and animated. She was extremely warm from the beginning. We took a while to become as close as we did. Years of inbetween friends and situations. But in the end we went through a lot of teenage honours together. a lot of which cannot be recalled into words. But those things you do when you are growing up as a teen in a small town and always remember. A bond that lasts you could say.

I think I held it quite together when I saw her. I watched her and her dad walk down spiral steps then down the aisle, and my lip was going, but I was just smiling throughout. She looked absolutely amazing. They had a humanistic ceremony which was really unusual but made sense watching it all. The wall of the building behind them was just glass, so you could see beautiful scenery behind them throughout and into the evening. I am just amazed at the choice of location and why they chose it. She is and will always be a country girl. I joked about when I have my wedding it will be as remote as this to her parents, but it really makes sense. The detail from the ceiling of the venue to the table decor just blew me away. They had selected people they wanted to have with them on their special day. And I felt more than honoured to have been there.

{I didn't want to show the faces of the wedding too clear as it is kind of a private thing isn't it, but I took plenty of obscure photos to share with you}

This guy was awesome. We were served Prosecco and canapes as he played for about an hour. He has some lungs on him.

We made two rows outside and threw dried pretty flowers over the newly married couple.

We scrubbed up well didn't we! The sun was amazingly hot. I was sure I would burn but it was just right and made the wait inbetween the ceremony and the meal more bearable.

This is the sun setting over the isles of Jura and Islay {I think they have whiskey's named after them, Jura does anyway as it was a wedding favour}.

One of my favourite shots of the happy couple I managed to steal as we ran outside to take photos of the sun setting over the islands.

Now if you are not familiar with Scottish wedding {the more traditional ones anyway} they involve a bit of ceilidh. which is a traditional Scottish dance which most schools teach you in high school for the Christmas dances they hold and for such occasions as this. I think the one above is the Gay Gordons and  I think the one bellow is Strip the Willow.

You know it's a hard dance when the ladies take off their shoes!

The whole day was just amazing. I felt like it flew past us. I didn't get enough time with the bride but who does. I felt so honoured to be there and to meet so many of her friends and family. And it was good to see her parents and her sister after far more then 7 years. The whole journey there and the day itself was just so perfect. It felt special and I hope to give that feeling one day.