Long road to Tarbert

We set off on a long road trip up and around to a little place on the West Coast of Scotland called Tarbert. We were going to my oldest Best friends wedding in the remote location of Crear just a bit more West of Tarbert.

We set off after I finished work at 7pm so we arrived at about half 11. It was a weird dark, quite scary at times, journey. Only the tall large shadows of hills around us and the cats eyes on the road ahead. It took my mind off how nervous I was to see my childhood Bestie walk down the aisle. It had been almost 7 years since I saw her.

As soon as we made it to Tarbert I was in awe of the place. All there was to see were some lights around the harbour, reflecting off the water, and the large boat right infront of our hotel. I knew as soon as I woke up I would love this place.

And I did.

It was almost like being in the Med. The weather was beautiful, still a bit foggy from the coastal location. But the sun was burning through. We could just make out the passenger ferry to the mainland heading off into the dense fog further out. Lots of locals busying about the streets as we wandered about taking photos. And taking it all in.

I saw this door and instantly thought of my mum. How vibrant is the colour. I think it opened up into a gallery or coffee shop.

This was the boat right out front of our hotel view. {I later found out that our room was a mistake and there was someone with my last name also staying and they mixed us up. So we might not have had this view. Also we were sat with them at the wedding but I didn't know until we checked out the mistake. So that was a welcomed mistake for me}.

This is the hotel which we met outside on the day of the wedding, to board an old school bus which drove about an hour West to the location.

I will post some photos from the wedding in another post. But I want to say I fell in love with this part of Scotland. I wish I could transport back every weekend, it was an amazing time and I implore everyone to visit the wild west of Scotland once in your life.