Halloween Garland Simple DIY

So it is that festive time of year again. DIY is almost at it's best when it comes to Autumn and Winter, bringing the outdoors in is a key theme which I will be indulging in this year.

I thought I would make a simple Pasta Garland in Halloween colours, however can be used for any time of year. Ok so I might sound a bit crazy making a Pasta garland but it totally works.

You will need: Farfalle pasta or the ones that look like bows. Craft paint. Brushes. ribbon, string, thread of any description to join your Pasta.

So take our your Pasta. You can use as many as you like. I prepared 6 for the purpose of this DIY.
apply a coat of paint. You may need more than one coat depending on the consistency of the paint. Or for the look you want. I painted both sides as well so that even if the pasta flips the look remains the same.

Next I cut a length of this thick sort of embroidery thread to tie around the Pasta at equal spacing. If you feeling ultra creative why not add chunky beads or little pom poms. Anything goes.

This DIY is so simple and a brilliant one to try with the little ones. ANY colours go! I'm getting really excited for Halloween this year. No matter how old I get I will always enjoy having a wee dress up and decorating the house.