Family Halloween Films

HALLOWEEN is my favourite time of year. I get far too excited when the leaves fall and the nights get darker. Time to cozy up indoors and watch some good telly.

I always watch the same films every year. But there are also some classics that can be watched anytime of the year. And are suitable for people big and small.

The Adams Family. A classic. Another film I would watch over and over. I think I secretly wanted to be Wednesday {above} when I was younger.

The Plot: The Family {You should know the characters unless you have lived under a rock} are unusually dark and gothic. Gomez's brother, Uncle Fester,  returns after 25 years of absence. It all seems legit, but he has a secret.

The overall feel of all Adam's family films are Autumnal and creepy. And although this is a family film, it's dark humour carries it as a classic.

Hocus Pocus. This film is essentially a kids film but it is based on Halloween and the costumes and characters are brilliant.

Plot: Max moves from LA to Salem. Whilst taking his little sister Trick or Treating he meets fellow student Allison and she takes them to an old cottage turned into a museum for the witch history in the town. After being told the story behind the black candle and how it would ensure resurrection of the witches, Max isn't phased and lights it anyway. And yes the witches come back. He comes across a cat Binx who was once a young boy, bewitched many years before. In order to gt rid of them they need a spellbook, however so do the witches. Many a spell is cast and mayhem ensues.

Perfect for getting in the mood for Halloween.

"I put a spell on you, and now you're mine"

Beetlejuice. Michael Keaton! Winona Ryder! This is another one from my childhood. It's the right amount of creepy. Basically anything by Tim Burton has the right level or darkness.

The Plot: A couple decide to decorate their holiday home. They then die in an accident in their new town. They don't realise they are dead until they try to leave the house and then another family move in and want to change everything. Only Lydia can see them. The couple struggle to be dead, and seek to get rid of this new family. They enlist the help of Beetljuice, also dead and derranged, he lives in the model town in the attic. This of course turns out to be a bad idea.

You'll either love this or hate it. It's fun. And creepy. And full of 80's fashion.

Other films to watch include The Witches. Ghostbusters. Casper. Beetlejuice. To name a few.

But Finally.

It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.

This just SCREAMS Halloween. Watch it!