Visiting the Animals part 2

Welcome to part 2.

Now, one of my favourite animals is a Zebra. I think it might be something to do with the beautiful pattern on them. Or that they are a stage higher than a horse.

One of them walked under the viewpoint and I managed to squeeze my camera between the boards. My favourite feature is the ears. Reminds me of my rabbit.

We saw the Koalas in their new enclosure. I'm pretty sure they are starting with the smallest animals in this refurbishment. Coz their enclosure was brand spanking new. And very hot. And those Koalas are damn cute! This fella was shuffling about on his cute padded bum for a while.

This guy had a massive enclosure to himself. We barely spotted him perched on his high rock.

Check out these baby Penguins. So cute. But no bowel control and stinky as hell.

This concludes the Zoo tour. I hope you enjoyed.

I will Also be including a post about the other sights of the Zoo.