Pressing the Summer

Last year I pressed flowers from the summer. So this year I decided to do the same. And this time I would do it better. I think last summer I was just so excited to find my second hand presser I just shoved any old flower in there. This year I some some research.

Mostly I wanted to pressed them to look like open blooms. place them on the paper with more tact.

If you have never tried pressing flowers. It is so simple and extremely satisfying. There are many tutorials to look for online. But simply all you need is a heavy book or if not that then grab some paper, cardboard and a something heavy to press down on the pile of paper. It's all about, to put it bluntly, suffocating the flowers. You want to keep them away from air and allow them to fully dry out. But you never put soaking flowers into a press. They either stick too much to the paper or don't press very well. I think there are ways to help this in the microwave. I tend to leave mine out in the air for a bit then press or dab with a tissue.

I love the way these have turned out. Particularly the last few pages.

They are so delicate and pretty looking I need to think of a good project to use them in. I bought one of these recently so this might be the choice display.

I can't remember which shop I bought it from, it was a small homeware trinket shop. The alternative is the one I made before in this post with 2 pieces of glass from clip frames. {To hang it I'd wrap strong string over the base at each side and tie. Adds a rustic element too}.

Happy pressing.