pictures of me

It has become tradition for me to pinch photos from the OH of me because I can't take them myself. So here are the photos from Edinburgh and Kielder.

{Outfit: tshirt dress H&M; Scarf H&M; shades NewLook; Watermelon necklace by Lucie Ellen; Bag ASOS; leggings Primark; plimsolls Matalan}

{See what I did here?!}

{Outfit: Bird print blouse H&M; high waisted skinny jeans Newlook; necklace River Island; shades & bag Matalan; Hoodie the OH's; oversized camouflage shirt Etsy}

It always amuses me seeing photos of myself. I have got it down to an art form to look casual, it's all in the arms I think. Also I think i might be a tad obsessed with H&M. Their basic range is amazing, I never leave empty handed. oops. Until next time!