Off to see the Animals

The highlight of our end of the Summer summer holiday we finally got round to visiting Edinburgh Zoo again. It was one of the things we did when we first met 5 years ago.

It has changed quite a bit since then. They are in the process of refurbishing the Zoo so it was a bit different. For instance the the first thing you see are Meerkats. I'm not sure if it is the popular advert that has moved them into the forefront but they are damn cute.

this is from their old enclosure further up the Zoo.

We went to grab some lunch near the Penguins and it was almost parade time. But they didn't really fancy coming out. It sounds like they make them walk around with a band or something but really all it is, is they open the door to the enclosure and if the Penguins want to come out they do. One of the keepers kept talking as the crowd waited and I learned that some decades ago a keeper once left the door open whilst cleaning and he noticed the Penguins had wandered out for a nosy. So they kept doing it. And now its an event everyday.

We watched these adorable monkeys. I think they are Baboons. There were a couple of cheeky youngsters trying to escape their mothers grasp. The one above was being mothered and cleaned by these 3. Look at her holding up the tail to clean its bum.

This is view of the west of Edinburgh from the top of the Zoo. Photos do it no justice.

I will as ever have a second blog on this.