linlithgow and Other Wanderings

After the Palace Visit, which was amazing. We ventured into the town of Linlithgow. First stopping for a look round the St Michael Church next door. I'm not religious, however I do love churches and old graveyards. Old Tombstones are beautiful. And some of the sentiments written on them are just magnificent.

We had hoped to get a look inside the church but of course it was Sunday so services were ongoing. But to be honest the outside makes for more interest.

I'm not sure how long these ave been here but I'm guessing it was an ancestor of sorts found in the family tree. The little bear said 'Happy Birthday' across its chest.

We ventured more into town and got ourselves a couple of sandwiches. Not before having a nosy round all the quirky details of this well looked after town. I love towns that have hanging baskets donated by local businesses. I miss that about my town. We just don't have that here anymore.

Everywhere there was some sort of pretty,clean feature.

LOVE the colours of those flats!

Cute display in the Youth Centre window.

We sat down to have our sandwiches next to the loch and there were a mass amount of Swans and a couple of Coots thrown in with them. And every dog that walked past wanted so badly to jump right in with them.

This was a random meadow in the middle of a housing estate.

I loved this building.

After Linlithgow we headed for the Forth road and rail bridges. Passing by Bo'Ness on the way where I spotted this Ship Mural and quirky old tow truck.

This is the Forth Road Bridge which crosses the Firth of the Forth, one of the major estuaries to the North Sea. There is a new bridge being built at the moment right next to it.

We then headed along to a nice spot where you can see the Rail bridge close up. However we had no idea there was a Cruise liner parked up in the water and boats ferrying the passengers to and from it to see Edinburgh that day. We had arrived at the boarding time. So the place was packed with people and cars.

We managed to find a space after much patience and wandered down for a closer look. There were many nationalities and ages heading onto the little boats across to the cruise liner and it was quite amusing seeing these people having to get on a little boat to get to their big boat. It was also amazing to see such a big machine close to shore.

I love these two seagulls on the Saltire {Scottish flag} posts. Thank you birds for a nice ending shot!