Day at the Palace {Linlithgow}

This was a random find whilst looking for things to do around Edinburgh, our closest city. Scotland is such a historic country. We have castle ruins and lochs coming out our ears. This Palace was first occupied by Mary Queen of Scots when she was born in 1542, whom is someone I remember prominently in history at School. She grew up away from Scotland but later returned.

This Palace is one of the best ruins I've seen in Scotland, so far. I didn't expect to see so many stairwells and rooms still intact. A lot of the roof is caved in and many rooms crumbling, but you can imagine what each room was used for.

Despite it being a glorious day, it was cold walking around the stone structure. I can't imagine how many fire places were needed to keep them warm. Now I know why you always see tapestries and the such hanging from wall in the films, keeps the warmth in.

I was surprised how high up you could climb. I don't like exposed heights but the stairwells were enclosed and safe enough to peak out the window at the view without feeling too nervous.

As we arrived we were told a 'play' was to begin in a few minutes. So naturally we ducked into the building and listened from a far as they did some true Scots speak. I enjoy 'Arts' as much as the next person but I don't like forced 'Arts'. Made for some cracking through the window shots though.

Love these two players waiting to deliver their lines.

This is called Parliament House or the Great Hall.

This is as high as I got. I felt safe behind the metal bars. I'm pretty sure I lived this high when I resided in my last flat, nicknamed the turret, coz it was basically as high up as you can imagine livable.

The OH spotted a turret opposite and said he had to go up it so off he went...

It was about 2 or 3 floors up from where I was. I could barely watch him but I promised to get a few snaps. So brave. I once went up the side of an Abbey which was maybe 3 floors of this Palace and I almost peed myself. Mainly because it was so claustrophobic. I don't consider myself claustrophobic however I hate being in situations where I have nowhere to go. Ok so maybe I am a little, but it's not a crippling phobia. That I leave to the sea.

Whilst he was on the tower I took a few snaps before realising I had no idea where he had gone. Until I spotted him in the courtyard

This is the new feature on the Church next to the Palace.

I also found a Unicorn!

Part two of the Day will be in another Post!