Apple bag

As you saw from my Summer Swap I made a 'Ce n'est pas la pomme' apple tote bag for my  best friend. It has made me want to make more with my own designs on them. To give as gifts bags, and a gift themselves and to maybe sell.

This one was customised to the theme of school since she is away to study teaching. Who doesn't love the old apple for the teacher reference. It was also a nod to Matisse's 'Ceci n'est pas une pipe'. I thought it to make a pretty good book bag.

I realise now I should have ironed this out a bit. Whoops. I bought a plain recycled cotton tote bag.

My bestie actually gave me this fabric paint a month ago! How cool to be using it for one of her gifts. I decided on the shape and design of my apple and began to paint it onto the fabric. This paint is a lovely thickness and it only took one coat. The finish looks so vibrant!

I used my Sharpie Fabric pen to add apple details like pips and a stalk.

And write my quote, which I know is very squint, however I don't mind. it adds character to my handmade design.

Again apologies for the crumpled appearance of this DIY.

So to finish I just need to iron {haha} the paint and pen to seal it {oh how ironic}.

I hope you liked this DIY post. I haven't done one in a while. I hope to do some more soon.