A day in Dunbar

We love the South East coast of Scotland. And I had a craving for the beach. So we headed towards Dunbar and North Berwick. I only really got photos of  Dunbar, but I have included photos that the OH took of me in North Berwick {I was too busy picking up beach glass and pretty shells}.

I think I got obsessed with the sea paraphernalia on the wall of this persons house.

I love looking at the various names of boats.

I could have spent all day photographing these found objects. So many colours and shapes to chose from.

It was a really hot day which was unusual for the end of August in Scotland. Usually it's jacket weather already. But it was glorious and I wasn't complaining.

We got to North Berwick quite late in the day and it was still busy, but much cloudier than Dunbar. Soon after we strolled along the beach the rain started for a short shower, sending everyone in shorts and bathing suits fleeing to their cars.

I collected an impressive amount of beach glass. I will be going back there. It's interesting to see the difference in what washes up on shore at different locations.

Also on another note, there were literally hundreds of flying ants that day. A majority of them were on the beach. They give me the heebie jeebies.