Summer Swap

So my Best Friend is off to Uni mid August. I'm going to miss her a massive bunch. We usually do a swap for Christmas. This year we decided to do a small Summer Swap of '5 days of summer'.

It was so hard to think what to make and buy for her since she is moving into halls of residence, so space will be precious. Since she is training to become a teacher I decided to base gifts around this and sorts of things to remember her new stage in life and to keep in touch with me.

I have really enjoyed doing this swap. And i always look forward to her opening them. As usual I creatively wrap the swap so that it looks fun and almost like a gift itself.

So day 1 & 2...

'Don't let it weigh you down'. A clever play on words. I hope she embraces Uni and the new challenges and not let it get too much.Also how cute is this paper weight! Handy thing to have around to keep important papers safe.

'Sweet Dreams'. I forgot to take photos of the gift inside. Basically it is a plain white pillowcase with some fabric pens. So she can decorate her own pillowcase. Something a bit fun. And some colourful beads adorning the wrapping.

I have also opened my swaps. It was really exciting!

Day 1.

This made my eyes well up a bit. We met 10 years ago this August so these are pretty special.

The book she gave me is called The Complete Pocket Positive, and it was book marked on this page. I love this quote.

And this little fella. Decoupaged with a lovely floral paper. Thinking where to put him. So cute.

Day 2.

This lovely jug with a note saying 'For Sunflowers'. Some glitzy candles and This colourful bunting. Now to choose where to put them all!

I'm looking forward to the next couple of swap days. I will share more in a few days.