Summer swap part 2

So day 3 of swap has come. I think everyone should try a swap at least once. Especially if you like making things, and for other people it is so much fun.

'Ce n'est pas la pomme'. So parcel 3 is this tote bag. I needed to do something with an apple on it to nod at the teacher thing. I took inspiration from Matisse's 'ceci n'est pas une pipe'. My writing went a bit squint but I don't care. That's the charm of hand made. I'm proud of my apple. I used fabric paint and a fabric pen ont he details and writing.

It's basically a book bag and will hopefully come in handy for something. I really want to make some more of these in different designs. Especially for gift giving. how cute is a personal bag?

So I also opened day 3 of my swap gifts.

I got this wee knitting kit for these wee flowers. It comes with instructions. See how I get on.