Summer Swap finale

So it's the last day of our swap. I've really enjoyed this one. Christmas makes it quite easy cos gift giving in what you do at that time. But summer swaps are slightly harder to theme and match.

'Write me'. This idea slapped me in the face one day whilst out in a local antique shop. I came across this old leather letter writing folder. It's a bit worn and torn but adds charm. I gave it a good clean and repaired any massive flaws and decided to collect together postcards and cards and paper to put inside it.

The idea is that she can write to people {me!} when she is away. I also added in an old map of Dundee that I found and plenty paper and envelopes.

The wrapping is a Jaeger scarf, with a Hama pineapple.

This is my favourite out of all the swap gifts. I love that I made a little writing kit especially for her. I will be definitely writing to her so her Halls of Residence post box has something in it. Including the odd care package!

I love writing, and letters are brilliant. I feel strongly about being able to write properly. Vocabulary is important. And being able to express yourself through words is important to me.

I really really hope she likes this one.

On Day 5, I got this cuuuute as heck Watermelon cushion. It'll take pride of place on my sofa.

Well that's the swap over. I'm going to miss the Christmas edition. I might find a new partner for this but it won't be the same. I think everyone should try it out once. It's amazing what other people make for you, though we cheat cos we've known each other or 10 years!

Happy swapping!