Ships Ahoy

This is down by Ocean Terminal in Edinburgh just along from the other harbour we were at. It holds the bigger cargo ships and the Royal Britania kind of lives here. 

We passed two happy chappy's having a wee fish off the side. Which is quite funny since you can't really imagine any fish staying alive long here, but they must know something we don't. 

Not entirely sure what this stands for but it was a brilliant bright red.

It was well spotted by the OH but can you see the standing figure. It's an Antony Gormley statue. I'd love to find out more about why it was placed here.

This is the cutest graffiti I have seen in a long time. Shame about the additional scribbles.

The obligatory infront of the ship photo.

I spotted this while stuck in traffic. Love the 'TEN'.

And some other random photos from the day that didn't particularly fit in with the posts.

{End of} Summer Vacation rocks a little.