Rainy Day Activity

I've become more obsessed with flower pressing than ever! Despite it being Rainy I was determined to go out and forage some wild flowers. Since we haven't really had a summer afternoon at Lindean in ages I decided this was the best spot to go looking. In the past it is where I have found a good variety.

I dragged the OH along. I say dragged but he was just as eager to get outside. We are pretty much all weather people. Rain doesn't scare me, I'm one of those weirdo's who enjoys a walk in the rain! I'm a country girl! And he helped pick lots of flowers for me, including these Bluebell type flowers.

The 'wildlife' were out in force. Saw so many of these wee fellas.

The rain eased off a little so I decided to stop and get a couple of the more delicate flowers semi-pressed in my notebook.

I was looking for Daisies, and the OH had come across some muckle ones in an industrial estate. I'm hoping they aren't radioactive.

This rainy day trip was very successful. I collected so many flowers and have tucked them away in their little flower presser bed for a few weeks. I can't wait to share the results!