Pressed flowers

I came across pressed flowers from last summer. And I finally decided what I was doing with them. I wanted to display them somehow. I was on the look out for frames to put them in but I never came across anything suitable. So I decided to make my own.

I used two of the glass fronts from clip frames. I had some old ones from Ikea, which are usually only a £1 for 3 frames.

First I decided on a layout. My selection isn't as varied as I kind of just shoved a lot of them in my flower presser and didn't really tactfully think 'oh they might look better if I actually placed them on the paper a little neater'.

So then I got out my Mod Podge out and dabbed a little onto the back of the flowers and put them in their place on the glass.

After letting them dry, I then dabbed a tiny dot of Mod Podge on the corners and midway along the longer part of the 2nd piece of glass.

I rested a bottle of water on top of the glass to add some pressure and left it to dry, for a about an hour to be sure. The glue dries clear.

This was my first attempt at anything like this and I think it generally went well. It looks a little messy close up with smudgy glue and finger prints etc. But in the future at least I'll know it works this way and will try and use something other than my fingers to place them out.

It was my rainy afternoon activity and it turned out to be something I really want to make again. Hopefully I will find more flowers this summer to capture behind glass.