kielder part 2

So to continue on the adventure. We made it to the other end of the reservoir where the Dam is. Now apart from big bodies of water, I also have a slight fear of things related to them like piers, docks and yes, Dams! I was a little nervous going to this one. I always picture hoover dam when I imagine them and that thought terrifies me.

However when we arrived at this one I was like, oh, is that it! I think it helped that it kind of blended into the end of the valley. A gradual slope instead of an immediate drop.

Now I kind of didn't expect the wind factor which hit us as we stepped out the car. But oh my goodness, it was like stepping into a wind tunnel. And it was freezing which wasn't ideal with what I was wearing, I had to dig through the boot of the car for one the OH's hoodies.

It was like the Dam has it's own weather system. If that makes sense. At the top end it was lovely and calm just a slight breeze. Then as soon as we ventured south it turned rainy and windy as hell.

At one point it started to 'rain'. Now rain has varying levels. And we weren't scared as we watched other people duck into their cars after a few drops hit the ground. We ran about the car park giggling. Spot the crazy Scots! {Also contributes to my chill the following day, but I'd rather have fun and live in that moment than run and hide}.

This is like an overflow channel. Very very deep as the sign says!

Is is weird to say I love trees? I really do. Especially these big beauts. I don't know if it's from growing up around woods and nature but I feel at home in the woods. Like Pocahontas! Ok so that makes me sound crazy but I have super hippy tendencies.

Anyway at this point I almost lost the OH to nature. I had wandered off and he hadn't even noticed. I hung about collecting bits from the forest.

I think this is heather. It smelled like heather. I pocketed some of that.

Look a tiny Christmas tree!

I love looking up at the trees.

This place was like some kind of Fairy Land. It was called Elf Kirk viewpoint. Says it all really.

I couldn't get enough of the purple Heather. I want a garden full of it!

Despite feeling a bit drab the next day we both had a really great time exploring. It's a place to come back to with a little more time and more provisions. We kind of set off late and didn't think to take much in the way of food or suitable clothing which is bad. Always be prepared.

One thing that I love most about these trips is blog content to share with you obviously, but also it freshens your heads and gets you away from your phone and computer for a whole day. I sat and painted and drew that evening after being inspired by what I saw. Give it a go!