Kielder part 1

Anyone for a trip to the biggest man made forest in Europe? Yes, this is where we ended up. Kielder Forest and its Reservoir. It's just over the border into England so not far from us.

The drive into it {From Hawick} is beautiful. The amount of Pine trees and the rolling hills just make you feel insignificant. There is something so pleasing about seeing a fully grown forest full of perfect trees.

The weather was a little mixed up. We left our house in T-shirts, but I put on and took off my jacket more times than I care to remember. I'm pretty sure I woke up with a chill the next day.

Sensible exploring shoes!! I made a few bad choices in my attire. I hate that inbetween seasons time.

I have a real fear of large water. I was terrified when the OH got too close to the waters edge. Being a reservoir, it is technically an ex-valley so the landscape just drops like a hillside. It makes me nervous just thinking about it.

We spied some conkers growing in the trees above. Won't be long until they are ripe. Did anyone else play with these when they were younger?

We pulled into his place called Knowe Tower. We couldn't see the tower. Mainly because when we stopped the heavens broke free, so we were stuck in the car for a little while. We had passed a family struggling with a steep incline, and all I could think about was them getting stuck in this crazy downpour.

After it was safe to get out we had a wee wander, mainly to look for this tower, which we concluded you had to walk a little while to get to. But that sign was misleading. I spotted this randomly placed wooden sculpture of mushrooms? you decide.

A little obligatory selfie there {I was wearing a new blouse from H&M, Glasses Matalan}

Watch out for part 2 of the trip...