If I were a Sailor

We headed up to Edinburgh for a bit of shopping and an explore. We used to come out here a lot when we first started dating. The harbour is located down by Leith, on the Firth of Forth.

It was a really nice day. A little windy but still T-shirt weather. The wind of course with it's slight chill, but we have the advantage of Scottish skin.

As we walked round the harbour we happened upon a man snoozing on the side of the artificial bay. The OH took a quick snap of him and then he completely disappeared. Only leaving a coffee cup to indicate someone was there. That was pretty spooky.

I loved a wee wander round here. Brought back some memories of some of the first photos the OH took of me.

This wee boat literally came back into the harbour as I was having a wee sit down. Putting out crab cages and nets a little bit away out in the water.

I have quite a fear of deep and big bodies of water so coming to places like this tests my nerves and keeps my priorities in check. I still enjoy it though. I'm just ultra alert!

I love this tartan detail on this lorry!

Someone found his name in an unusual place. Who needs coke bottles anyway!

I love the colour of this building.

We carried on to another part of the docks. Closer to Ocean Terminal. Where they dock all the bigger ships and cruise liners. I will add these to another post! :)