Body Image and getting healthy

Not matter how much you love yourself, there is always time for your mind to tell you 'you look fat'. I'm currently having one of those times. I know I have put on weight from poor diet and being lazy, mainly over the winter, so it's my own doing. But I can't help but let it make me feel a bit down.

It's only certain areas of my body I hate. My tummy is constantly bloated and I am conscious of it against my favourite skinny jeans. I'm not one to let it get to me. I have a lovely Man who doesn't care about that sort of thing. However this has really got to me this time.

It's a strange feeling. It's horrible. And poisonous to my already anxious self. It kind of explains why going out on my own has been such a problem recently.  But in reality everyone has issues with their bodies, no matter how big or small. I'm telling myself to get fit and healthy. I need to eat better. And steer clear of the junk everyday.

 For the last month or so I have avoided eating crisps and chocolate during the week. especially at work. And because it has been so hot fruit and salads are much more appealing to me.

I have never been a fussy eater. I will eat just about any vegetable, because I know it's good for me and because I genuinely like them. I probably eat more of them than fruit.

Cutting out the naughty bits for 5 days {sometimes more} a week is easier than you think. I don't miss eating crisps and I could count on 1 hand how many packets I've had in the last month.

It's all about replacing one naughty snack with a good one. The balance.  

I stick to a good lunch. A sandwich or salad, I mix it up. But I never add on crisps or chocolate. The only part I am changing is my work snacks and I rarely eat after dinner at home either.

It's a lot easier to go food shopping now and not pick up all the naughty snacks and demolish them in a few days. I'm not putting myself on a diet. I'm not counting calories {Don't get me wrong I will check the label of some foods out of curiousity!} I am eating a balanced diet! I'm no longer someone who will eat a whole big packet of crisps because I was bored.

Vegetables have a lot to be proud of. The magic feeling you get from all the vitamins you are putting inside you is completely noticable.

I feel really good. I go out a lot more and not feel self conscious. My OH told me the other night that he loves that I'm eating healthy, but also that he doesn't care what I look like. And that what any girl needs to hear from anyone, especially someone you love.

Eat healthy. Get outside. Think positively. And be happy.