A Summer Wander...

The last weekend in July was glorious and we made the most of it by taking a walk around the fishing pond by the Eildon hills just outside Melrose. I hadn't actually been there before. I have been to a few fishing ponds before and this one was one of the better looking ones. And it was huge. There were even ducks!

I collected some bits for future craft projects.

Moments after this photo I got stung/bitten by a large bug. I'm guessing it was a wasp or other non lethal flying bug. Nice to get the old legs out though.

There were literally thousands of lily pads, and some had their beautiful flowers blooming.

There were wee piers around the edge every few metres. A couple were occupied by fishermen. You can just about make out a small tent on the shoreline.

I love this tree. Massive trunk, then all its leaves sprouting out the top. Proper dark green. quite dramatic against the blue sky.

And of course I was with this one.

I love where I live. This is about a 10 minute drive from us. Proper green scenery in every direction. I love being able to find wilderness within walking distance.

 This was kind of my first proper outing for my new camera. I still used my phone but it was easier to just snap away on my Canon. I can't wait to stretch it's legs out during my holidays in a few weeks. Roadtrips ahoy!!