Quiet Time

I've had a quiet month this month. A lot has happened. Some of it is stressful and otherwise exhausting. So a blog break was needed.

My content ideas went a bit dry compared to June and I felt like I needed to give myself space from any pressure. I didn't want to hack up half baked posts and push them out, cos that's just boring and stupid.

Taking photos is no problem for me, it's putting words to them that takes the most time. You wouldn't believe how long this post alone is taking me. I have half a cup of tea left and a cool breeze keeping me just enough alert to string some words together.

I definitely plan to make August a fresh blogging month. Work is slower and I am on holiday for 2 weeks which will amount to lots of road trips and time to blog. I also want to make August my most creatively productive month. Actually make the things I have been putting off, or struggled with because of hot weather, creative block and mental exhaustion all contribute nicely.

I hope it lifts soon. And I get my swing back.


  1. I hope things calm down soon, looking forward to seeing what comes next x

  2. Thanks petal. I'm definitely feeling a lift at the moment. x


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