We Went to Jupiter

So today was a fun day. We decided when I finished work on Friday evening to have a sensible Friday night and get to bed early. To therefore wake up early and go to this fun place we discovered  a couple of weeks ago. Which usually we end up having a total lie-in and being late. But our incentive this week was an event happening in our town today which made it almost compulsory for us to get out of town early. It involves loads of horses riding through town to commemorate old battles around our parts. Sounds like the 'Old West' but it really isn't. It's just how it is around here.

We aren't horse people and We're not really from this part. I grew up in a small village a few miles away which had a mere 'Village Week' filled with sports and a disco as far as I can remember. So we made the informative decision to leave early and avoid disappointment, so we aimed to leave by at least 10am, which is early on a Saturday for us.

I'm so glad we did cos by the time we got there it was still only a few people mulling about the place.Which is ideal when you want to take hundreds of photos like we ALWAYS do. So go early if you want to avoid the crowds.

First impressions were 'I can't wait to get in there'. The woman at the ticket bit was so nice and told us exactly where everything was. You get a free map too. As soon as we had spotted a Peacock and used 'The Loo' we headed inside.

As soon as you walk in there is a sort of 'magic mirror' thing against the wall of the ticket bit. This was a bit of fun! This is a piece by Jim Lambie, the idea is to see the background of the forest reflected behind you.

The 2nd piece we came across was the Firmament by Antony Gormley. Which is inspired by an old Star Map. Steel balls and steel elements  welded together to form this. Which is really big and looks amazing. You can also see the forth rail bridge and the forth and a hill we call the 'Ayers Rock' of Edinburgh from this sculpture which is pretty cool.

This was a weird wee house called the 'Stone House'. The idea was that most houses are built around security  and comfort, but this one isn't as you can see. Inside is basically crazy uneven stone as the floor. I even said outwardly as I went into have my photo taken {you will see later} 'I'm going to break my ankle' I was that uneven!!!

So these are my favourite sculptures yet. The 'Weeping Girls' by Laura Ford. At first it's so creepy. If it wasn't for other people I think I would have been really creeped out. They are surprisingly beautiful, as at first sight you feel a bit awkward, especially to be photographing them. Totally Halloween type stuff. This is by far my favourite sculpture in the woods!!

I'm going to leave it here for now cos I have a good few photos for the 2nd part. Hope you enjoyed this.